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  • Dove Comic BookAs part of Dove's Men's Hair Care launch, created a "Journey to Comfort" comic book showcasing "unsung moments that help a man to be comfortable with himself...and comfortable skin to match."
  • Windex MailerDesigned an influencer mailer that leveraged the scrapbook craze and included a product sample.
  • Dove Pro Age BookletDesigned a wire-bound booklet to serve as the centerpiece for an influencer mailer as part of the launch of Dove's Pro Age line.
  • Edge Irritation Elimination Mailer
Designed an influence mailer that included a product sample as an "Antidote to Daily Shaving Irritation" along with snacks to relieve "hunger irritation," mints to relieve "breath irritation," etc.
  • Various Projects for Dove
  • Dove Hair Guide Printed Versions
Designed this unique bound booklet for two years before converting it to an electronic deliverable.
  • Dove Hair Guide E-VersionHaving printed it as a booklet for the first two years, transformed the piece into an electronic deliverable
  • Infographics
  • E-QuizzesCreated electronic quizzes used as part of online promotions for brands such as Dove and Edge.
  • EvitesDesigned numerous brand-specific electronic invitations and mailings for brands such as Dawn and Clairol.
Dove Comic Book1 Windex Mailer2 Dove Pro Age Booklet3 Edge Irritation Elimination Mailer
4 Various Projects for Dove5 Dove Hair Guide Printed Versions
6 Dove Hair Guide E-Version7 Infographics8 E-Quizzes9 Evites10
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